Fleet Management System

New generation vehicle Tracking/ Fleet Management System, provide instant access to up to date information when needed in a mobile environment, to be able to keep track of things in the mobile environment. The operations center was designed with the aim to provide two-way communication of information. Both which are institutional and an integrated system that meets the needs of individual mobile information access. 

The system gets its location information from GPS satellites. Collecting different sensors and informtion from the vehicle it sends its deatils over 3G/4G to a base and then provides it to the user with his/her control.


Fleet Management Problems

Where is exactly are your vehicles? If I call the driver, I have to rely on the declaration he has given me. For the job I have currently, which is the most suitable car I have nearest to the location? Phone calls made to give a job could cost a lot, and also there could be mant problems that lead to mistakes. 

I don't know if my vehicles are speeding right now. 

How do I know if they have travelled to all the places I have asked them to for a task? 

Have they had any unneeded long pauses or breaks? 

Are they using the vehicles sensibly without putting anyone in danger? 

Are they using the vehicles after hours for their pleasure? 

Are the recorded Kilometres correct?