Student and Staff Tracking System

School Bus Route Plans The student and staff tracking system is a system where it records the entry and exit of all passengers on the bus, draws a track of the route on a map, shows the addresses on a map with all these information accessible from the internet or from a mobile device.

With these information parents and the admin could see if the driver has sped or done any violations which put their kids/staff in danger. It also increases the security of their children and staff members. 

Companies who use these transports could easily organise routes which could save them money and time from various things. 

With the most important thing being, people would have more trust in these services.

  1. Start and end of shift assignment

  2. Warning single when the bus is near your stop to help you organise your time.

  3. Are traffic rules being followed

  4. Are te drivers using the bus for pleasure purposes during and after work

  5. With an extra device you could track which student boarded the bus at what stop and time and got of at which stop at what time

  6. Track if the buses have been to all stops cumpolsory on time

No more waiting for the bus outside for hours. Recieve an sms 5 min before the bus arrives.

A warning alarm when the bus is speeding

Message saying your child has been dropped of to school

Message saying your child has boarded the school bus

Message saying your child has got off the school bus