Route Tracking System

RTS II: Route Tracking System

What is RTS II:

RTS II, Route Tracking System II; is a system when vehicles on a specific route, are beholded with a satellite and are controlled and tracked.


Why use RTS II?

1. With its flexible and fixed route


RTS II Benfits


  1. Track the time between 2 buses
  2. Makes sure the buses do not miss any stops.
  3. Tracks how long they have waited at each stop.
  4. Have a standard travel time
  5. Reduce the time passengers spend for a trip
  6. With this device you will win the trust of many parents which will increase your demand
  7. Records of daily trips will be recorded



RTS Applicable Areas


  1. Municipality
  2. Tavel Firms
  3. Minibus, Van and bus routes
  4. Freight Services
  5. School Buses
  6. Distribution companies