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Special reports (fuel consumption average of your fleet or vehicles, daily voyage times, daily performances, driver performances etc.) You can manage its performance more effectively.

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Sectoral Solutions

It is an ideal solution for companies that have vehicles in the field specific to your sector, sales and / or distribution teams, vehicles with more kilometers, and want to save money by increasing work efficiency by managing these teams more efficiently.

  • Special Transportation Solutions
  • Health
  • Public Transport
  • Service Car Security Systems
  • Construction Machinery Tracking and Analysis Systems


What should be considered when choosing a vehicle tracking system?

Frequently Asked Questions

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The vehicle tracking system installed on a vehicle sends its location information taken from GPS satellites to Glonass application via 3G network by the GSM operator. That information is given to the user most correctly and accurately by matching them on the digital map.

Glonass provides 8 different options for maps. These maps are updated a few times within year. Tens of different data such as new constructed roads, routes or intersections, changed street-avenue names are located then updated.

There is no number restriction to use Glonass application. Either 1 vehicle of any firm or hundreds of vehicles in a fleet of another firm get the same quality service on the same platform.

It is installed under dashboard where it is invisible and cannot be reached if attempted. The main reason for that is if someone outside looks into the vehicle he cannot notice the presence of such a device. Besides, due to professional efficiency, the system is installed under dashboard where it cannot be reached, leaving no need for intervention by driver.

Installation of vehicle tracking system is made by Glonass technical team or authorized services. Despite the installation time varies with respect to structure of vehicles and demands of the project, it generally takes 30-45 minutes. Installations are made wherever the client wishes by Glonass team or authorized Glonass service personnel.

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  • Real-time tracking
  • Geozones and Boundaries
  • Unlimited User
  • IOS/Android APP
  • Telstra Data Sim
  • 8 different licensed maps
  • Insurance and Rego Reminder
  • Reports
  • Unlimited History
  • Fleet Management
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Information Module
  • API Support